Saturday, 25 May 2013


A very nice video. We have the opportunities to see and meet a different people everyday. Let's start doing good to others! Kindness is actually contagious, it is same goes to a bad action. Instead of doing bad to people, why don't we just take our sweet time to reflect and embrace a good things for people around you and . Show kindness to people is a part of da'wah as well. Kindness will pay off with the right intention. Do your part now! Show some love to people all around you!

"Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful."


Note to self. 

15 Rejab 1434H

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